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Employers' liability claim

This page is for claims under:

  • Business combined - Section 8

  • Property owners combined - Section 8

  • Commercial combined - Sections 8

  • iConstruct - Section - Sections 8

  • iConstruct GL - Sections 8

You must report your claim immediately to us by completing a claim form and emailing it to If you require any assistance please telephone us on 0845 111 0125 (local call rate applies).

Employers' liability claim: Text

iEngineer insurance

Our policy to meet the needs of engineering firms manufacturing, installing and servicing machinery and components, domicile in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, trading world-wide. Underwritten at Lloyd's and in the London Market.

This page is for our iEngineer policy which is underwritten at Lloyd's. It comes in two styles:

1. iEngineer combined - cover for material damage, liabilities and CAR

2. iEngineer GL - excluding the material damage sections

You can download the full policy wordings here:

You can download the Policy Summaries for each policy:

You can use this form to submit risk information:

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